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I just got off the phone with the Cancer Center. My first radiation treatment has been delayed until Monday morning. The reason is that the “physics checks” haven’t gone through. From this I suppose that the doctor has made her plan but it has to be checked by the medical physicist to make sure it will do what it needs to do.

I’m disappointed because I was pretty keyed up to get started on this phase of my treatment. Now it will have to wait until Monday. Boo hoo.


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My Own Private Hiroshima

We interrupt this blog for a critical message from our President… Mr. President?

I commend all corpuscles and organs that have endured the collateral damage of the chemical warfare that has been waged against the evil lumps for the last months. It has been a hard time… a time of sacrifice and terror. But I am able to report that the lumps are now in retreat on all fronts. However, our intelligence operatives have not been able to ascertain whether the lumps still do or do not possess any further weapons of mass destruction. In this light I have made the difficult decision to authorize the use of our tactical nuclear arsenal. It would be terrible if this historic struggle should end in failure for the lack of the force of our nuclear weapons.

I ask you to keep faith. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. God willing, it isn’t the train.

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We wake up early and get down to the Royal Jubilee Hospital for a blood test. This test is to measure a baseline for my thyroid function. This is because my thyroid is close to the areas that will need radiation. The thyroid is very sensitive to radiation and its function can be impaired or destroyed during treatment. If that happens I will need thyroid supplements for the rest of my life. Fun, fun, fun.

After the test we go to Pure Vanilla (jeeze, you’d think we lived there) for coffee and scones and then to work. We are having some friends over for radiation-eve, which has now replaced chemo-eve. I’m looking forward to it!

“New York, the nation’s thyroid gland.” Christopher Morley

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