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Some highlights from this weekend:

  • Making curry chicken on Friday night. We have found a fabulous recipe and may not need to go to Spicejammer anymore. Also, the President’s Choice “Naan in a Bag” is fabulous.
  • A pleasant time shopping in Langford with Cassie. Costco, Superstore, Liquor Store, Canadian Tire. I pick up a few bottles of a unique wine that we quite enjoy. It is the Chateau des Charmes “Droit” Gamay Noir.
  • Fun with Rob and Hilary over dinner on Saturday night. Cassie makes her wonderful Halibut with cream sauce.
  • Dim Sum with Mark and Diane on Sunday morning at Don Mee’s.
  • An unexpected visit from my brother who arrives on Sunday on the 9am ferry and leaves on the 3pm. It’s really good to see him and I appreciate all the trouble he took to come out of his way to visit me.
  • A walk with Otis near the barn in Central Saanich while Cassie is riding Alli. The weather is the epitome of crisp fall beauty.

Tomorrow I have rads at 8am. We may as well get the work week started off with a “zap”.


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