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Some highlights from the weekend:

  • Watching our horse rip around with one of his buddies. He was such a bad boy and didn’t want to be caught so Cassie and I had to chase him like he was a ball player being run down between second and third.
  • Cassie and Alli having a great clinic with Larry Brinker at Wythie Windles. Damn you flying changes! “Victory will be mine!!”.
  • A very pleasant dinner at Pip and Stu’s with Larry on Saturday night. Teasing their huge fat cats. “I’m not fat… I’m big boned”.
  • Being so tired all weekend. Sleeping until 8:30 both Saturday and Sunday morning. Indulging in naps in the afternoon of both days and really sleeping.
  • Seeing that they are getting close to finishing the engine installation on the boat. The engine mounts are done. The prop shaft is connected. The new instrument panel is installed and looks great. It looks like the only thing to finish is connecting up the controls and then calibrating and aligning everything.
  • Looking forward to only 6 more radiation treatments. Monday’s treatment is at 10:30am and the rest are in the afternoon.

Calvin – “I’ve been thinking Hobbes –”
Hobbes – “On a weekend?”
Calvin – “Well, it wasn’t on purpose…”


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