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Today I sleep late while Cass goes to visit her horse. She comes home and we spend a pleasant morning shopping in Langford. This tires me out so I rest while Cass goes to ride. Afterwards, she comes home and then we go and exercise the boat’s engine. We have 2.7 hours on the engine. It’s just a baby.

The weather is benign, unlike the weather reports. We offer a tow to a couple of young club members who are stranded in their 29er. The wind is almost calm. They can only get enough speed to be standing still versus the ebbing tide. With the sun setting rapidly we want to help them get back to the dock before the sun goes down. Just as we get a line to them, a RIB comes up from the club wondering where they got to. We cast off the line and head back to Oak Bay Marina while the RIB tows them. We put the boat to sleep. 3.5 hours on the engine now.

We go for dinner at Brasserie L’Ecole. We try some Belgian beer. I have a Piraat at 10.5 percent alcohol and Cass has a Duvel. It’s a nice treat in a week of treats. Now we’re relaxing at home. Time for bed. Zzzzzz.


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