Archive for November 13th, 2008

Today is a better day. The sun is shining. I feel like I have a little more energy. I had a massage at the fitness centre at Saanich Commonwealth Place. I got up on the elliptical trainer last night and today. It was exhausting and I had to turn the intensity way down but I feel better afterwards.

Cassie makes me a steak dinner which, as usual, can’t be beat. It’s still a wonder that I only weigh 100kg. Given how much great food I eat and enjoy, 200kg would not be a stretch.

We’re looking for a new home for the horse. It turns out that the exercise ring at the current barn is unusable when it’s any wetter than a damp hanky (this one is wet… this one is wet… did you dry this horse ring in a rain forest… those who find this funny, you know who you are). And now all the hay the barn manager bought for the winter has gone moldy due to being improperly stored. We saw a couple of barns today that weren’t suitable and are seeing another one on Sunday. Hopefully this one will be good. One of these days we’ll find a long-term home for the poor horse.


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