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I sleep in until 09:30. Man, it’s sweet. Cass has to force me out of bed so we can go have Dim Sum with Mark and Diane. Afterwards we have a pleasant cup of coffee with them at Bean Around the World.

We drive up to the barn to meet the horse clipper, Ashley. she gives Alli a shave of his neck and belly which is known as an Irish Clip. We then walk over to Seabrook Andalusians (the local rental arena) where Cassie exercises Alli while Otis and I look on.

Now that the horse has been exercised, it’s time to take the boat for its walk; from there we head to Oak Bay Marina, fire up the boat, and head over to RVYC where we have a prime rib dinner that can’t be beat. We bring the boat back to OBM in the dark and then head home. (5 hours on the new engine.)

It’s been a long, fun, satisfying day. For the first time in months I have not required a rest in the afternoon due to exhaustion. Things are looking up.

However, I have to be careful not to get too impatient. Today could have just been a very good day as I slowly climb up. Maybe I had good endurance due to sleeping until 9:30 am? I have to make sure I don’t get discouraged if tomorrow or the next is not as good or better.

“The problems of victory are more agreeable than the problems of defeat, but they are no less difficult.” SWC


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