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Otis and I work from home. I work on my laptop and Otis works from his little dog bed.

I’m not as good as I was yesterday but I still manage to soldier on without having a nap. Yee haw.

I’m trying to arrange the repitch of the prop with this company that took over from Pacific Marine Diesel. It looks like we will try to get it done at 11am on December 9th. The tide is good. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. We will need to start from Oak Bay in the dark but I really want to get this done.

Cass is worried about her horse. She thought he might have been off when she rode him so she’s hoping he’s ok. Me too. There is nothing sadder than an injured horse… except perhaps its owners.

“On Monday mornings I am dedicated to the proposition that all men are created jerks.” H. Allen Smith


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