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Lumpy is as Lumpy Does

I’ve been doing well this week but I still have moments of fatigue when I have to stop and rest or I will fall over. However, the trend is up. I’m more into the swing of things at work. I think I’m motivated by the fact that December 8th will be my last day before nearly four weeks of vacation. This is the vacation that Cass and I did not take this summer while I was undergoing my chemotherapy. So, I have all the project tasks that I need to tie up as well as my year ending administration which needs to be completed before then. I’m not sure that I can remember that last time I had four weeks off together but it was a long time ago.

Our intentions are to spend about 2 weeks on the boat. We have a loose plan to head in the direction of the Sunshine Coast. Cassie’s manager has a summer home on Pender Harbour with deep water moorage which she has kindly let us use… if we can get there. At this time of year much depends on the weather. It could be benign or it could storm for days on end. If it storms we will find a sheltered place to tie up, read our books, make hot drinks and soup in the galley and watch the world go by. If it’s nice we’ll push on and get as far as we can before we need to turn around.

We are thinking about getting back to Victoria some time around December 23rd or 24th. Then we’ll load up the truck and drive out to Edmonton so we can visit with family. I’m having our truck serviced in anticipation of this trip right now. I just got the news that it needs a new water pump. DOH! However, that’s something I wouldn’t like to have fail on the trip. The expectation is that we’ll get back to Victoria sometime after New Years Day. Hopefully we’ll have a few days to hang out and get prepared for the New Year.

This weekend we’ll be seeing Lucy and Gary and their two boys for dinner tonight and Rob and Hilary for the Sidney Sailpast tomorrow. Rob and Hilary are decorating their power boat with lights. I’m interested to see what they have come up with this year. Last year Rob and I decorated Darwin’s Folly for the Oak Bay “Sea of Lights”. The new engine precludes us entering Darwin’s Folly this year. There is too much engine idling involved to be good for our new engine that is still in its break-in period.


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