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I want to give recognition to two families who are struggling to get to remission from cancer and one for whom the struggle is sadly over.

BigDCdn has just completed a stem cell transplant. He was diagnosed with stage IIa Hodgkins and relapsed after 3 cycles of ABVD. My thoughts are with you, big guy.

SQLman was diagnosed with advanced Squamous Cell Cancer in his throat. He’s gone through a powerful course of  chemo and radiation. We’ll know in a few weeks if this was enough to send the tumour into remission.

Lastly I want to acknowledge charter member Wayne who became emeritus a few weeks ago. Wayne passed away after a long battle with kidney cancer. I met Wayne and his wife Colleen through friends in summer of 2009 and I know they did follow this blog. I hope that it was some small comfort to them. My thoughts go out to Colleen for peace of mind and heart. He will be missed.

This is a club you don’t want to be a member of… though it’s OK being an alumni. Unfortunately the initiation ceremony and dues paid can be brutal.

As for me, life goes on. Remission continues as per my last checkup with Dr. Valerie in early March. I’m dealing with some lifestyle issues (eating and drinking less) which had been put on hold to fight cancer and am feeling much better for it. Work continues. Cass, the dogs and horse are as well as can be expected. Spring is here. Life is wonderful.

“I suddenly understood with great clarity that nothing in life — except death itself — was ever going to kill me. No meeting could ever go that badly. No client would ever be that angry. No business error would ever bring me as close to the brink as I had already been.”
David Davis Jr. editor of Automobile Magazine. Nov. 7, 1930 to Mar. 27, 2011.


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